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Controlling Risk – 1 Hardcover Book (autographed)

Controlling Risk – 1 Hardcover Book (autographed)

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Controlling Risk—In A Dangerous World is the only guide describing the operating techniques used by astronauts, indispensable for all leaders and operators in dangerous environments, and valuable for people who want to improve performance in businesses and everyday situations with any level of risk. (Will be autographed.)
  • About this book

    On the front lines of danger, operators face hazards and make life-and-death decisions in dynamic, complex situations. They are the last line of defense trying to prevent death and destruction. 

         What happens if they don't succeed? After accidents, organizations typically issue new rules. These will work – for a while – in preventing similar accidents. But accidents are rarely simple. Hardware does not "just break." A company may be blindsided by another accident that no one thought would occur. Investigators determine the latest catastrophe was tragically similar to a forgotten previous accident. Again, new rules are issued and precedures are updated – yet the cycle of accidents continues. Organizations, and operators, must need something more than rules and procedures.

         Since the beginning of the space program, astronauts have been developing techniques to help flight crews stay alive and accomplish dangerous missions in the unforgiving environment of space. Astronauts – and operators in every hazardous profession – have learned how to achieve better performance and accomplish more missions with higher quality.

         In Controlling Risk, you will learn how to operate better, work together, improve performance in your high-risk business, and accomplish much more in your dangerous world.


    If your book arrives damaged, return it to the address below and you will receive a replacement.

    Jim Wetherbee LLC

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    360 SW Bond St Ste 500

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